UK Forest School Study Tour

TAKE a leap abroad! 
October 13-19, 2019 

Our partners at Claire Warden's Mindstretchers Academy are hosting an amazing tour of Scottish nature-based early learning programs! The tour includes opportunities to learn directly from Claire Warden, a leading international voice in nature-based education.  When you register through ERAFANS, you will receive discounted registration with code: ERAFANS. The following is an excerpt about the tour.

The Claire Warden Mindstretcher's Study Tour includes:

  • A visit to the award winning centre of excellence, Auchlone Nature Kindergarten, where nature provides children with authentic learning experiences. This includes a tour of the site to see how they organise our environment to allow children to spend 80% of their time outdoors. Visit the outdoor kinder kitchen, fire house, green gym, mud cafĂ© and brave the dark forest! We’ll also show you how we document all our learning with Floorbooks.

  • Explore the Froebelian ethos at Edinburgh's renowned Cowgate Under 5's Centre  and examine best practice within different contexts.  See how they use play opportunities and experiences to provide the impetus for learning.  Find out how their Froebel training has enhanced their work as practioners and benefited the children in their care.

  • Site visits to cultural and historical centres, The Scottish Crannog Centre and The HermitageThe Scottish Crannog Centre is a fascinating reconstruction of an iron-age dwelling on the beautiful Loch Tay. Watch demonstrations of ancient crafts and technologies from Scotland’s past in a living history area, some of which we still use today in our Nature Kindergarten.

  • Enjoy the best of Scotland’s nature environment at The Hermitage. The giant Douglas firs here are among the tallest trees in Britain. Look out for red squirrels darting about in the tree tops and salmon leaping up the Black Linn Falls.

  • Presentations, practical workshops, lectures and sessions with Claire Warden and Mindstretchers trainers as part of your continuing professional development.

These will include:

  • Discussion on the impact of place-based learning
  • Using risk management to create confident learners
  • The relationship of Culture, climate and curriculum
  • Research into the use of Loose Parts and practical workshop

  • Floorbooks Masterclass day with Claire Warden. Join Claire to examine the place of consultation in the early years and primary sector and how it can impact upon the planning process, educationalists’ practice, and raise attainment. 

  How do we involve children in observation, planning and documentation? 

  How do I support children to lead their own learning while also making sure learning is accountable to the curriculum? 

The day will include the motivational strategies developed by Claire Warden, to promote effective communication and the recording through Talking and Thinking Floorbooks™, Talking Tubs™, and 3-dimensional Mind-Mapping which are incredibly effective recording and evidencing tools for young children’s learning and experiences.

  • Networking opportunities with international colleagues from around the world.

  • Engage with colleagues from around the globe.  Study Tour participants find the exchange of ideas and information an extremely valuable part of the whole experience.

  • Welcome dinner, all breakfasts and lunches and a celebration dinner. You'll be fed, watered and well rested each day.  You can also try some Scottish favourites as well as lots of options to suit all dietary requirements.

How do I register?

Use code ERAFANS and register at Claire Warden's Mindstretchers Academy. You can also preview the schedule here. Please let us know if you'd like to share photos and/or a blog post about your journey with the ERAFANS community! 
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