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Nature Play Spaces

Natural play spaces can serve an important function, especially for settings with limited access to wild, natural spaces. The definition of a "nature play space" varies, but with help from children, families, teachers, neighbors, and other community stakeholders, your nature play space can become a reality! 

ERAFANS has consulted with schools and centers across the region to help bring nature play spaces to life.  If you need guidance, contact us! We also offer online courses that examine topics related to planning your natural play space. You can get a sense of benefits, features, safety considerations, timelines and more through the online courses.

Fairgrounds Are Grounds for Nature Play

And how's this for a surprising twist? ERAFANS consults with the Maryland State Fair annually to transform a parking lot into a nature play space reprieve for the 500,000 visitors who come to the fair. Each year, local partners build an interactive nature play space in under a week! ERAFANS coordinates nature-based educators and activities to share easy ways that nature play can be facilitated in all settings - in backyards and school grounds alike. Be sure to visit us during this year's Maryland State Fair!
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